Climate of Bangladesh

Climate of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate. Normally these seasons are characterized by wide seasonal variation in rainfall, high temperature and humidity. Bangladesh has six seasons but there are three distinct seasons in bangladesh which are hot, humid summer and cool and dry winter.

In the month of april the temperature is high and this month is the warmest parts of the country. The temperature rises between 30-40 degrees. January is the coldest month and the temperature decreases at 10 degrees or less than 10 degrees.

Rainfall is another characteristic of  Bangladesh. Heavy rainfall is everydays activity during rainy season.In dry western region of Rajshahi the annual rainfall is 1600mm. Because of the location of south of foothills of the Himalayas Bangladesh receives the greatest average participation of heavy rainfall which is about 4000mm.

Another season is Typhoon which is not always very effective in Bangladesh. Everyone should be carefull when they will travel around costal area  during typhoon season because typhoon have often catastrophical effects and can cause flooding. This flooding somtimes last for several weeks.

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