Madrasah Education

Madrasah Education

Madrasah Education system is mainly focused on religious education system. In Madrasah education all types of educational procedure is based on religious environment. All kinds of study in madrasah is in arabic and students also serves in local area masjid. Students have to study all the courses from the general education system.

Privately maintained madrasah take orphan students and give them food ,shelter and education. One of them is "Qoumi" Madrasah which system is privately owned. Another one is "Alia" Madrasah which system is privately owned but a percentage of portion government spends for this madrasah.

In madrasah education system students first learn alia system and it's like general education system. Arabic is taught as general education system. After Alim students can take 3 years of "Fazil" level. It's Bachelor Degree level as per Madrasah Education System. 

After passing Fazil students can take general education under any univesity for Master Degree or they can enroll Islamic University Kushtia for further higher education i,e Kamil Degree. 

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