Primary Education

Primary Education

Primary education or principle education is the first stage of formal education. It comes after preschool and before secondary school. Normally primary school establish and offer opportunities to all children. Preprimary education is mendatory for all bangladeshi students. Government gives scholarship for all primary school students who starts their study from class one to class five.

Primary education is a right for all children. Directorate of primary education of Bangladesh works for a society which ensure all childrens primary education and they can get a right in Bangladesh.

The government of Bangladesh operates many schools in primary, secondary and higher secondary levels. The Government of Bangladesh also provides funds for private primary schools also. At schooling time students can choose their education in bangla or in english. Private schools provide english based study and primary schools provide education in bangla.

Ministry of primary and mass education take the overall responsibilities of management of primary education. The directorate of primary education are responsible for concluding two public examination which are Primary school certificate (PSC) and junior school certificate (JSC).

Primary education is mandatory for all children in Bangladesh and government is always concern about the education right of every child in Bangladesh.

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