Secondary Education

Secondary Education

After completing primary education the another step in education is secondary education.In  Bangladesh the secondary level education is controlled by the eight general education board . Board of intermidiate and secondary education (BISE) are responsible for concluding the two public examination which are secondary school certificaye (SSC) 10th gradeand Higher secondary school certificate (HSC) 12th grade.

Secondary school starts from class 6 to class 10.In Bangladesh non government schools are recruited but concerned School Management commitee (SMC). But in Government high school there is no SMCs. The Headmaster is  responsible for running the school and school is supervised by the deputy director of the respective zone.

But in non goverment high school Governing Bodies (GB) which is formed as per government directives and  responsible for mobilising resources, approving budgets, controlling expenditures, and appointing and disciplining staff.

In Bangladesh secondary schools are controlled by eight general education boards.

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